Ravenswood Prep School Ex Pupils Society

This web site is for all former pupils and staff of Ravenswood Prep' school, Stoodleigh village in Devon, England.
The school sadly closed down in the early 1990's and this site has been built so that ex pupils/staff can find out what happened to old friends, and to catch up on news.

Ravenswood School was founded in Paignton in 1921. In 1928 larger premises became necessary and Stoodleigh Court (as it was then known) was acquired by the then Headmaster, Mr Sparks. The building was constructed in 1881 in the Tudor style, and was a private house until 1925. The building stands in it's own grounds of 29 acres, 800 feet above sea level, in beautiful wooded countryside with views across the Exe Valley.

The above text is taken from a School brochure that was given to prospective parents and dates from the mid '60's The costs for being a 'Full Boarder' are 160 pounds per term !!!

Robert Schuster, one time Headmaster

Notes, jottings and contributions relating to the life of Robert Schuster, one time headmaster of Ravenswood School, Stoodleigh, Devon.

The following few paragraphs and the information contained are given purely to serve as background information on the family into which Robert Louis Schuster was born and brought up and there may well be the occasional inaccuracy. The subsequent collection of notes and jottings that follow on from this are not intended to form or constitute a comprehensive history of Robert Louis Schuster’s life.His only nearest surviving relatives are two nephews and a neice from the marriage of his sister Cicely Helen to Cecil Paul Longland in 1933, the youngest in his mid 70's, the oldest in his early 80's.


Ravenswood Reunion

Tea on the Terrace: August 2011

We had picked a Sunday in August as it seemed to be us highly likely that we would be able to enjoy good weather, and therefore enjoy the grounds of Stoodleigh Court. Oh dear!! We wake up to weather reports of blustery wind and heavy showers.


Interview with...Debbie Harris

Ravenswood now has a presence on www.facebook.com, and it was through Facebook that we got in contact with Debbie Harris, matron at the school when the school closed in 91. We caught up with Debbie and had a chat about her time at the school.


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