I remember...from Paul Townson (1972-1979)

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  • Mr.Mackies steel "Blakeys" on his shoes (you could hear him coming a mile off ! except on a couple of occasions....ouch!!)
  • "KV"
  • "PAX"
  • Detention
  • Ice on the INSIDE of dorm windows
  • P.James impailing his foot to the ground with a gardening fork
  • Mr.Mackie reading White Fang to us in his study
  • End of term reports (uuurrrrgghhh!) the inevitable conclusion being "Could do better!"
  • Trunks filling the corridors towards the end of term (where were they all kept?)
  • Dorm raids
  • Fire practices at ungodly times of the night (and rumours that there was going to be one)
  • The great snowing in of 1976 when me and Richard Humphries collected branches from the woods to burn on the fire in the hall, thereby escaping double Latin!
  • Making the Christmas crackers with Cdr.Norman ready for the Christmas Feast
  • Mr.Light challenging boys to bowl him out in the cricket nets before breakfast for a prize of 5p (I did it twice)
  • P.James (again!) getting a Fir Cone in the eye in a Juniors V Seniors fight in the woods and having the biggest, ugliest black eye I have ever seen (still unrivaled)
  • Getting kicked unconscious in a first 15 Rugby match scrum against an unremembered school and Mrs.Light being really nice to me
  • Incinerating ants with a magnifying glass during the summer
  • Major Gardners tales of the Punjab
  • Sheep/Cows escaping from the farmers field onto the terraces
  • Wine and Cheese parties when your Mum and Dad REALLY found out what/how you were doing at school
  • Airfix modelling competitions which Timothy Cowell always seemed to win
  • Going on an Exeat with Robert Caught and him DRIVING a Tractor
  • The spooky cellars ie. Not the model making room or the boiler room or the wood work room , those other two right at the end where no one ever, ever went
  • Monteath scoring a hole in one from about one hudred yards on the one hole golf course on the sports pitch and I was the only witness. He hit the ball from the gate at the entrance to the sports pitch (from the school end) and got it in the hole which was located near the cork trees, now that must be about a hundred yards

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