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9 years 10 months ago #16 by admin
Christmas Term 1953 - I enter Ravenswood as HOLLADAY III as my brothers were already there (they being approx 2 and 4 years older than me) I am Richard M Holladay and my brothers were (middle) Christopher and the eldest Peter. Mr Shuster was Headmaster. I left Ravenswood at the end of Summer 1958.

I have only twice ever re-visited the school - once about 20 years ago when I drove into the school; had a panic attack and quickly drove out again! Proceeded to view it from afar! Wish now that I had taken longer as a more recent visit was of course to a School No More - this I made yesterday, Saturday 26th June 2004 and was only informed about the existance of a Website by the owner of the house opposite the school entrance (having sold me 2lbs of strawberries!). What a strange experience it was - isn't it amazing what one can remember (and also what one tends to forget). I can only remember the surnames of two colleagues from when I was at school - INMAN and WESTLAKE - not even their christian names for sure. If anyone is interested my haphazzard thoughts for the day are summarised below:P

Big Triangle, Little Triangle, lots of walks, wild strawberries, pouring rain, carpentry lessons - nothing ended up 90 degrees! and yet my father still has one of those wooden contraptions that you put on a bench and use to hold what you're cutting that probably every boy in carpentry made, garden plots - I had one - Cubs - I was in Otter Patrol - everyone spent time lashing poles together and taking them apart again! - Diving for melamine (?) plates in the swimming pool (I was actually quite good at recovery!} - was in the choir - had the organ an electric motor by then or not? - sure someone used to pump it with a wooden lever - cricket - down by the cork oak trees (still there I see) My eldest brother was allowed to steer that huge Atco with the roller you sat on - Mr Leafly in charge - yes - he did have a Bentley with a strap on the bonnet and the gear lever outside the car (or is my memory vague) -anyone remember the stories he used to read as a serial each night - whatever became of him? (and the stories) - model making up in the attic somewhere - glue - dope - balsa wood - matron and TCP on sugar lumps - universal cure all plus cod liver oil and Malt (Virol) - my eldest brother needed a daily dose and couldn't stand it - I didn't and loved the taste - would have swapped it for my cod liver oil dose any day - steaming Bath Nights with those wooden slatted things everywhere - food - custard, jam roly poly, semolina - why can't you get that quality food anymore!!! - films - 3D I remember watching - not enough glasses to go around - St Trinians Films - now they WERE educational! - Count of Monte Christo - the Hunt met in the courtyard - definitely frowned upon today - we followed - let loose in the wild! - remember drawing hand scythes and other leathal weaponry to cut down vegetation (under 12 years old!!) in school grounds. Music Teacher - Miss Davis - yes - two Aladdin Pink stoves belching out fumes in ther Dove Cott - education achievement for me were few and far between - easily got stripes - informed in no uncertain terms to "IMPROVE" or else (cane) - Miss Davis (fawn grovel creep) awards STAR - race to present evidence of having turned over new leaf - Mr Whitaker had other views - STAR for Music invalid!! (there was no pleasing him) so postponed punishment meeted out. - what happened to the relief map in a case outside the Headmasters Study - I saw my first biros at school (in a world of nibs and dip pens and inkwells) there was a teacher who had a collection of them he kept (and showed off) in his top pocket - why I remember this I have no idea - educationally, as I've said, I was a "tries hard, but is still week", "he's obviously in the 'bad examinee" class" - have all the reports but only Mr Whitaker ever signed his name. In 1958 Form V French was taught by C.L., J.C.C.taught Geography & History, G.H. Scripture, Music A de C.N. English G.H. Mathematics C.A.W. - I remember a Mr Ormiston - he moved to Ide near Exeter - he had a signet ring which he used to rap you on your head with the words "come on laddie, you can do better than that" or similar encouraging remarks in his scots accent!!! etc etc etc

If I think of more I may make contact again! Is anything "happening" in 2004 - would love to be able to see inside the school but I think that opportunity rather remote though the lady who answered allowed us to have a brief look around the front of the school "keep to the paths please!!"

Regards to all

Richard Holladay 1953 - 1958
Originally from Exeter, now at Folly Gate near Okehampton - anyone out there?

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9 years 10 months ago #47 by Frost
Your account of your days at Ravenswood ring so true to my time in the early 60's. I am amazed that you can recall so much detail name etc. I still had a stool that I made in Carpentry for my mother and father up until about 2 years ago, last home move disptched it to the dump, proved most useful over the years. :cheer:

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