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9 years 10 months ago #4 by admin
1. Swimming in a freezing cold pool in June and having to wear a games jumper afterwards.
2. Major Meeke telling us there was a dye in the pool that turned red if you peed in it! Not ever sure that was really true! (I can confirm it wasnt true. Sorry everybody! Paul the Web Botcher)
3. Warm milk in the summer, but lots of hot chocolate on saturdays in the winter.
4. Never having anything worth anticipation in the tuck cupboard.
5. Weights and measures every term in the matrons room.
6. British bulldogs on the lower terrace.
7. Bover blips and Cunny blips.
8. Whole class beatings for mass ink fights.
8a. Waiting for this to happen, more worried that my Mother would walk past.
9. Nelson always having the house cup.
10. Andrew Maunder getting colours for everything.
11. The embarrassment that was my 'garden' plot in the summer.
12. Being bowled out full toss first ball by Gary Banfield of my first day in the firsts. (never really recovered)
12. Lining up to have my hands and hair checked before lunch.
13. Stars and stripes.
14. Christmas carol service on the stairs.
15. Never getting past the first round in the minor games competition.
16. Not running in the corridors.
17. Kon Tiki in the fifth form
18. Mr Cunningham in charge of stationery ( I can still do the signature for the scrap books!)
19. The science labs.
20. Simon Pring selling sweets on the Clare house bus for 1000% profit!
21. Swabbing the dinner tables.
22. Always scoring poorly for maps drawn in Geography in the third form
23. The boot rooms.
24. Towel pegs.
25. Going out for the day with a nosebag and never seeing the hunt.

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