I remember... Matt Jones (1988-90 ish)

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9 years 8 months ago - 9 years 8 months ago #86 by raaboo
  1. Cheques in the tuck shop
  2. Annual Harvest fete and village fayre
  3. Church services on a sunday - walking down the country lane to get there
  4. The prep in the evenings in the dining hall
  5. Matthew Barton throwing a garden fork in to my foot (good job i was wearing wellies)
  6. The new sports hall being built and then being on the netball team (with a lad called stuart?)
  7. The adventures in the grounds - did anyone else find the many old books that seemed to be thrown in to the trees in the grounds - there were piles of them!
  8. Being locked in because the farmers would be around to cull all the crows and ravens to save their crops
  9. Cooking lessons - making a caramel toffee that had far too much bicarbonate of soda in it, but it was great to be one of the few who had regular treats in their locker!
  10. Latin...eugh!
  11. The second floor corridor where there was a door to the 'drama cupboard' where all the costumes and props were stashed
  12. The laundry room at the end of the boys dorm corridor - the smell of laundry still reminds me of there!
  13. Bunk beds - annoying the person above you by pushing up on their mattress
  14. The gate-house that had loads of dried and stuffed insects in it
  15. The musty old cricket pavilion
  16. Filing down in single(ish) line for breakfast
  17. Queuing for the showers - sharing the same shower room as the girls and having to wait outside - everyone showering in batches
  18. Fire drills at night
  19. Being made to run around the school at night!
  20. A bar of soap in the mouth for a lad caught swearing
  21. Being in Rhodes house!
  22. Piers Napper - was my best mate, lost touch though...still remember his mum's phone number which is weird... no longer lives there tho!
  23. Henry Waterworth and Grant Eggleton
  24. The fox hunt and going round giving out drinks

Wow! I remember a lot and the final 2 points are rather horrid memories! Does anyone else remember these?

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9 years 8 months ago #87 by Mark Granger
Replied by Mark Granger on topic Re: I remember... Matt Jones (1988-90 ish)

Hi Matt
Just to let you know that Piers is an administrator on our facebook page, go to face book and enter ravenswood in to their search bar, beware there atr a few groups out there!! Join the group with the flag motif, and bongo you will be able to contact him!! Hope you enjoy the site and the fb page


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