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9 years 4 months ago #18 by admin
email from JAZZ DENHAM was created by admin
Hi to all of you. Found you lot somehow on this site whilst surfing the net while missis was busy cooking!! Great site i must say and whilst reading through it brought back many memories and alot of laughing whilst reading through ' i remember'. Oh by the way i am garret Denham ( Denham111 ) the youngest member of the denham clan. I hope you remember me as i was only there for about to or three years 74 to 76 i think. So long ago.
Reading through there are so many names i remember and memories come flooding back to me. What i do know is that i did get into a fair bit of trouble with which i recieved many a beating for!! But hey kids will be kids and have no regrets, really loved it there. I did go back and visit the old school with Nigel ( Denham11 ) when i was about 17 and it all looked so small especially the great hall.
Most of the teachers were still there and i am not sure what they thought of me with my long coloured hair in my new-romantic days. lot less hair now!! but it was fun to spent the whole afternoon there with them having lunch and reminiscing. What a shame the old school closed down. I am not married yet but Vicky's face lit up at the idea of us getting married
there since i see they do weddings there!!!
As i am writing this all the names and faces come flooding back granger-chope-northwood-mCcrae-morrish etc etc.I can't believe morrish and sarah got married, ah young love! Mr Makie as a father in-law ooh! No he was fine really!
Well i left the old school and moved all around the country going to many different schools which did not help my education, mostly secondry mixed schools with girls!! education who needs it Ha Ha. They were all good fun though but seriously lacked discipline so as usuall i was not the best pupil.
We moved to the bath area and i left school at 16 and attended catering collage because mother thought i would be good at it. What!!!! I did the coarse and worked in a hotel for a few years before turning to the patisserie side of things and began working in a tea shop called sally lunns which is quite famous now. I eventually got fed up with that and went on the buildings!!! bit of a change i know but what the hell i thought,and have been building ever since and now run my own small building firm which is
doing fine and am enjoying ever minute of. Perhaps not the sort of job for an old boy but hey! I did actually meet another old boy whilst on a building site in bristol! bizarre but as you can imagine no work got done as we spent the whole afternoon chatting.
All the family are well, Denham1 is an accountant in nottingham,denham 11 is a print hand and my youngest sister is a teacher.I have mentioned the site to the two of them and i expect mark (Denham1) will be in touch,not sure about the other one.I am sure mum has a few old photos so i will dig them out for you and post them to you in the near future and will also add my own ( i remember) colomn if thats ok at a later date because i have so many that i think people will enjoy and laugh at.
Well it's been fun writing this and must do some work so bye for now and hope to hear from you in the near future if poss.

Find regards

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